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Furry Cosmetics

Furry Cosmetics is a small family company established in Bulgaria.

Driven by the desire to be better and more innovative, we started searching and developing recipes for new generation of pet cosmetics - all natural, presented in a minimum of packaging and made in Bulgaria.

Our mission is to take the best ingredients directly from nature and give them to our pets in the form of pure cosmetics of the highest quality.

The first successful project of Furry Cosmetics is the series of shampoo bars Bark SPA Bars.

They are 100% natural, contain organic ingredients and are handmade in Bulgaria.

Bark SPA Bars are a total of seven type of shampoo bars, presented in compact packaging.

In this range you can find shampoo for universal use - Unicoat; deep cleansing shampoo - Detoxifying; shampoo for double coated dogs - Fluffy Beast and other.

The shampoo bars are economical, mild and easy to use everywhere you go. They do not contain preservatives, have a very delicate aroma and are suitable for frequent use.

Bark SPA Bars are the ideal choice for shampoo when traveling with your dog. They do not spill and take up very little space - they gather in your hand. Despite their small size, the shampoo bars are 85 grams, which equals to about 400 ml of liquid shampoo.

Try a piece of nature gathered in a Bark SPA - a new generation shampoo!