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Wet gloves with Chlorhexidine
Wet gloves with Chlorhexidine anti-germs for pets.

Removes dirt, bad odor and kills germs.
Fresh essence.
Suitable for dogs and cats.
Hermetic closure.
20 units.
Recyclable packaging.

For dogs and cats in need of immediate cleaning.
Pets without the possibility of bathing in the short term.
Featured Ingredient: Chlorhexidine.

What is Chlorhexidine?
It is an ingredient in these wipes that has a broad antibacterial spectrum.
How to use
Remove glove and wrap in hand.
Rub all over the mantle until the dirt comes out and the bad smell is corrected.
In case it is necessary to use more than one glove.
After use, discard the glove.

Keep out of the reach of children.
External use.

Our Artero Cosmetics does not contain mink oil.
Artero is a company that respects the environment, therefore, in addition to caring for the skin and hair of our pets, we also take care of the well-being and the environment that surrounds us, respecting the environment with our aluminum and / or PE plastic containers. or PET C in our Artero Cosmetics and Artero Complements line.
Help us complete the chain, properly recycling used packaging.

Buy with Confidence: 100% Artero Guarantee.
Artero is a Spanish company with more than 100 years of experience in the world of professional dog grooming.

Discover the Artero experience!
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