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For healthy skin and hair
SKIN & HAIR is a nutritional supplement with plant extracts for dogs in the form of flavoured, chewable tablets.

It is used to support skin and hair health in adult dogs. Contains bamboo extract that promotes collagen synthesis and skin regeneration and biotin which is essential for skin health.


Dextrose, poultry by-products, magnesium stearate, yeasts, sugars.

Additives per tablet: 1.250mg

Bamboo extract 50mg, hydroxy-propyl-methyl cellulose, biotin 0.012mg, preservatives, antioxidants: BHA <0.005ppm, propyl gallate

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 5.95%, Crude fiber <0.5%, Crude fats 3.80% Crude ash 3.32%, Calcium 0.03%, Phosphorus 0.10%, Sodium 0.14%

Bamboo extract (Bambusa vulgaris shoot extract)

Bamboo shoot extract supports healthy skin, nail, hair, joints, and bones because it:
  • contains natural antioxidants, which protect skin from free radicals.
  • contains high amounts of silica, which is vital in the production of collagen, a protein the body produces to keep skin smooth and supple and may contribute to its ability to heal wounds effectively.
  • silica not only helps with skin and coat health it also increases bone density and speeds up the recovery from bone fractures.
1/2 chewable tablet per 10kg body weight daily.
Consult your veterinarian before administering any nutritional supplement to your dog.

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