Dog treat Training, Konfekt 200 g with poultry

Ref. N.: 45401

Dog treat Training, Konfekt 200 g with poultry

3.53 euro


The brand of this product is: Hunter
Particularly in dog training, the reward depends not only on the perfect time, but also on the right reward.

Whether during dog training, during training or just for in-between: the delicious dog snack TRAINING is the perfect reward snack, completely without added salt and sugar.

Small and with a pleasant consistency, it fits into virtually any trouser or belt bag and can be given directly and easily.

The training can then be continued without much delay.

The snack is suitable for small, but also for large dogs.

Note: As a snack in addition to the daily meals. A bowl of fresh water should always be available.

Please never leave the pet unattended with a chewing product.

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