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Nail file for dogs and cats
-It is made with top quality materials, such as an ecological bamboo handle and a stainless steel file that provides greater resistance.
-With approximate measurements of 2 x 20 cm.
-The metal part has a convex shape, ideal for improving movement on the nail.
-Recyclable cardboard packaging.

This nail file for cats and dogs can be used as follows:

-Hold the dog or cat securely with the paw extended. The pet should be calm and comfortable. Always be prepared to stop temporarily if the pet resists nail filing.
-Work the nails one by one. Hold by the bamboo handle and gently apply the convex side of the file to the edge of the nail. Move back and forth slowly on the tip of the nail.
-Repeat this process several times until the sharp point has been smoothed out. Do it gently and carefully, avoiding filing too much, which could cause injuries.

-When all the required length has been removed, gently apply the file in a circular motion. Use around the tip several times to buff it until smooth. Repeat the entire process on each of the dog's or cat's nails.

Among the benefits of filing the nails of dogs and cats, are the following:

-If the nails grow excessively without control, they can deform the way our pet walks and even get stuck in the plantar if they are born curved.
-Nails can also be sharpened more with filing than with clippers, which means less time between pedicures.
-Smooth and rounded nails cause less damage. Clipping a dog's nails can leave the end of the plate sharp or jagged, especially if the clipper is dull. Filing allows the nail to be rounded at the end.
-Less scratches between human and pet. Proper filing can prevent family members from being scratched by the dog or cat when they are excited.
-The dog is comfortable and relaxed during filing. With the nail file for dogs and cats, treating the nails is smoother and less anxiety-producing in dogs. The opposite of a nail clipper, which tends to squeeze the dog's nail. Many animals do not like this sensation, as they find it intimidating and stressful.
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